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At ATA Martial Arts in Columbia, SC we make a difference. We go way beyond just improving your families’ fitness and self-defense skills. We Change Lives using proven methods of instruction and mentoring of life skills. We will create the leaders of tomorrow—today.

Our school offers a balance between traditional martial arts and reality-based self-defense. We utilize programs designed to develop the decision-making and leadership skills that are required for today’s world; and Self Defense training that actually works, “reality based”. We offer real world knowledge.
One of the few things we can prepare our children for is to make good decisions.

Students will also learn about health and physical fitness through the Martial Arts. We teach students to train with proven methods to gain strength, flexibility, and conditioning. Training uses insights gained from sports medicine, injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and scientific studies.

The focus of our martial arts school is on character development, physical fitness, and Self-Defense, rather than fighting. While Self-defense is emphasized, we always try to avoid the situation, de-escalate it if we can’t, and only use force if necessary and only the amount needed to escape. Winning is defined as going home safely to our families.

Chief Instructor and Owner Todd Spor

Mr. Todd Spor has been on personal journey for over 40 years of leadership development and personal training in order to develop today’s leaders—someone who is prepared to always do their best, be an example for other to follow, and is prepared for life’s challenges.

Mr. Spor opened ATA Martial Arts in Columbia, SC January of 2011 after 21 years of military service and 6 years as the Chief Instructor at ATA Black Belt Leadership Academy in Fayetteville, NC for Master Michael Brown.

Mr. Spor is a high-ranking black belt Instructor in the ATA and is one of the highest ranking Commando Krav Maga instructors in the United States. He is also professionally trained and certified in a variety of anti-bullying programs.

Continuing education is a high priority. Mr. Spor continues to constantly train and advance physically in Tae Kwon Do, Commando Krav Maga, BJJ and Safety training for all ages. Probably the most important area is the constant improvement of leadership and mentoring skills allowing him to mentor and guide his students, instructors, and staff.

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Program Director and Instructor Nicholas Spor

Mr. Nicholas Spor started his journey at the age of 8. Studying, competing, and teaching a variety of martial arts, grappling and reality based systems. As a full time student, active Army National Guard member, and the Program director of ATA Martial Arts, he continues to progress in his knowledge, abilities, teaching, leading and mentoring.

Nicholas Spor was given special permission by the founder of Commando Krav Maga to start teaching at age 18. Normally to teach this highly evolved reality based system an Instructor must be 21 years of age. However with the leadership training, and Instructor training Nicholas received he was able to demonstrate his ability to lead and teach those superior in age to him.

Mr. Nicholas Spor continues to evolve, train, and plan for the future. Even his college plans are designed to make him a better instructor with greater knowledge and understanding of basic bio-mechanics. The first step to being a leader is to lead by example.

Nicholas Spor Bio pic About Us

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